From land to permit, sign more deals.

Buildrz is the all-in-one app for real estate developers. We help you go faster and further on residential development projects, from land search to signing the deal.

Feasibility study, 3D modelling, profitability, regulatory constraints… In just a few clicks, your project is ready.

I identify the best sites

I carry out my feasibility study

I federate around the best project

Prospect, qualify and contact.

Travel only when you need to: floor area, building shadow, potential revenue, urban integration, flood risk…
10 key facts to help you appraise the site, available in 1click.

Your project in 15mn

Thanks to the already integrated 3D Urban Planning Rules, customise your project and create different scenarios.
Budget constraints, evaluate profitability, consider sunlight, add parking… All this on your secure Buildrz account !

Federate, adjust, approve.

Land owner, city council, architect, investment committee…
Get all your project details in 1 unique PDF to reconcile stakeholders expectations.
Ensure your deal is signed and make the difference.

They trust Buildrz

"Thanks to Buildrz's highly relevant automatic selection, we detect five times more real estate opportunities. I have the time to dedicate myself to the project qualityand working with people, which are the heart of my business."
Thomas Head of Real Estate Development
Major account
" Buildrz allows us to sign more lots by speeding up prospecting and projects qualifications: we can do two weeks' work in one day! The main assets: its user-friendliness and the quality of its customer support. "
Vivien Development director
Vinci real estate

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Find out how to :
  • Be the quickest to spot the best land opportunities
  • Master the technical aspects of real estate development
  • Collaborate with the stakeholders
  • Increase your likelihood to sign deals thanks to the best professional’s advice