From site to deposit, AI at the service of exemplary projects in a demanding context


financial and environmental constraints using data


design with AI for facts and figures-based decisions


collaboration to bring together all the expertises and propose profitable and virtuous projects


Buildrz, the AI-driven platform that simplifies real estate development.

A single platform that brings together all the know-how, business tools and data needed to design profitable and virtuous operations.

Sebastien Van Moere
Sébastien Van Moere CEO

A rapid and comprehensive analysis of site constructability that aids in optimizing our interactions with property owners and public institutions.

Antoine Delaire
Antoine Delaire Founding Architect at DGM & Associés

With Buildrz, I can swiftly verify the compliance with all regulatory requirements, and the initial volumetric approach facilitates efficient advancement in project studies. I allocate my time exclusively to projects that hold substantial value!

Ville de Rosny
Caroline Valdes Head of Urban Projects

I ensure a response to any inquiry from the elected official by 12:05, regardless of the question raised at 12:03.

Empower your teams with our solution to :



100% of zero net artificialization and mutable sites in their area of intervention


interactions between all stakeholders until application validation


projects relevance and investment opportunities through full diagnosis


projects and involve the right stakeholders and the right expertise at the right time


Up to €60,000 full-time equivalent saved per year.

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5 min

only for capacity study, evaluation and sharing with stakeholders.

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of the applications validated since 2018 are land identified by Buildrz.

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8 days

saved per month for each employee in project management.

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10 000

sites are analyzed monthly in Buildrz by our users.

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Discover our use cases

Find the best sites according to your objectives

Use the data to detect more sites

Use your own sourcing criteria

Contact site owners more accurately

Be more efficient

Never worry about regulations

Consult an always up-to-date policy summary

Design 100% PLU-compliant study capacity

Test and anticipate policy changes

Get rid of policy monitoring

Design the best projects

Get the best design and extract value from each site

Secure the project by relying on the regulations

Anticipate risks, costs and project yourself into the core of your project

Develop your custom project (constructive method, morphology, programmation)

Integrate all environmental and urban constraints

Always follow local policies

Adapt each project to its urban challenges

Be a design forerunner

Prove the qualities of your project with environmental metrics

Make the right decisions with market data

Find the key data to assess the attractiveness of your territory

Have a clear idea of the potential of your project

Build a reliable sales pitch
Refine your commercial prices

with market reality

Bring your teams together around a transparent and collaborative tool

Leverage the expertise of each team to develop your project faster

Streamline workflows across teams

Centralize tasks and information

Gain in traceability & operationality

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