About us

Buildrz is the collaboration and co-design platform for real estate development players

About us

Buildrz brings together enthusiasts of urban planning and technology under a shared commitment: to construct reliable and user-friendly tools that cater to the operational requirements of urban stakeholders.

We uphold a robust professional standard, the drive to excel in our respective areas of expertise, a commitment to collaboration and support, and the satisfaction of working collectively on a project that is both technologically exhilarating and socially and environmentally impactful







Our awards

Winner of the SBLM & BIMWorld Innovation Competition

Winner of the I-Nov France 2030 innovation competition

SNPI Innovation Trophy - RENT 2022

Join the team

Whether you choose to work remotely or at our office, you’ll find a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Our team enjoys gathering for casual moments over cider, beer, or tea in our conveniently located offices near the Grands Boulevards.

Whether your interests lie in tea, sports, series, vegan recipes, or exploring delicious restaurants, we have dedicated Slack channels and like-minded Buildrz members ready to connect and share.

Manuel Verrier
CEO & Co-Founder
Emmanuelle Carlier
COO & Co-Founder
Maud-Anaïs Claudot
CPO & Co-Founder
Maksym Nikolayev
CTO & Co-Founder
Stéphane Lacoste
CBDO & Co-Founder
Neil Sabbah
Head Of Sales
Rodolphe Riesbeck
Head of Customer Success
Camille Van Haecke
Sales Consultant
Laëtitia Chikhi
Customer Success Manager
Jonathan Merlet
Lead Developer 3D
Guillaume Dekeyser
Algorithmic Engineer
Yana Nakhimovich
Data Scientist
Alexis Timic
Dev Ops
Cedric Gobert
User Journey Manager
Steffane Lourenco
Data Engineer
Pierrick Gadessaud
Data Production Manager