AI Sketching Assistant for Architects

Unlock your creative potential by avoiding time-consuming tasks.


your efficiency by offloading time-consuming tasks with our design assistant.


more projects and build the right pitch by communicating the right data


freely without worrying about regulatory or compliance issues; our AI ensures compliance for you.


quickly and efficiently your new recruits with our Design Guide

Shape the Future, Save Time

An intelligent assistant to boost your daily work from site exploration to final deliverables, lower your workload and bring visionary projects to completion

Get all the information you need quickly

  • Access a comprehensive site analysis at a glance
  • Test and anticipate regulation changes
  • Enrich your site reading with sector updates (existing projects, submitted permits, construction methods, etc.)
From 3 days to 10 minutes - Complete your site analysis in no time!

Partner with an AI design assistant

  • Generate and optimize parking layouts & floor plans in just 1 click
  • Eliminate time-consuming tasks
  • Sketch with confidence, ensuring regulatory compliance
Save up to 1 day of time-consuming tasks per project.

Organize and formalize your projects with comprehensive deliverables

  • Download a complete portfolio specific to each study.
  • Have plans, sections, regulatory analysis, 3D modeling in 1 clicks
  • Seamlessly switch back to your familiar tools with all our integrations
Present accurate data and anticipate objections from the very first renderings.

Efficiently work with all stakeholders

  • Receive projects from property developers directly within the interface
  • Update, comment, validate, and archive projects while notifying the relevant stakeholders at the right time
  • Co-create the quality argument for your project
Drive the project transparently and avoid up to 5 back-and-forth exchanges for the same project.
Yves Dubalen
Architect #Architect

Buildrz's renderings are comprehensive and user-friendly: they provide multiple variables (urban forms, profitability, land costs, etc.) for concrete discussions and to drive positive change for everyone's benefit. It's a valuable tool for facilitating meaningful discussions.

Antoine Delaire
Antoine Delaire
Founding Architect at DGM & Associés #Architect

With Buildrz, I can swiftly verify the compliance with all regulatory requirements, and the initial volumetric approach facilitates efficient advancement in project studies. I allocate my time exclusively to projects that hold substantial value!

A tailored offer for every use

Whether you are 2 or 50 architects, we have an offer for you

Discovery €99 / month
  • Projects
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Multi-Scenarios
  • Floor Area calculation
  • Regulatory & Environmental Study
  • 12 Projects
  • 3 Licenses
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Studio €249 / month
  • All Discovery Features
  • Market Study & Socio-Demographic Analysis
  • Integrations (CAD, ACV, BIM, ...)
  • Dedicated Support
  • 50 Projects
  • 3 Licenses
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Agency €699 / month
  • All Discovery and Studio Features
  • Collaborative Mode
  • 250 Projects
  • Unlimited Licenses
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