Spend 80% less time on the feasibility study of your project

The essential tool for the design phase

Turn days into hours with Buildrz : 

  • Explore site layout scenarios
  • Verify the eco-design
  • Generate a feasibility study
  • Easily assist property developers and social landlords

Instant site analysis

An address is all it takes to begin the analysis of a given site : urban forms, density, regulatory constraints, and protected areas – all are visible at a glance.

Your capacity study in 1 hour

Our AI runs a 3D simulation of the best possible project, taking into account all the constraints of the chosen plot (constructability, open land, infrastructure…)

Customise subsequently the scenario according to your expertise and knowledge of the project.

Unlimited scenarios

With Buildrz, scenario modeling is a breeze. 

Modifying form or proportions, site limits or the amount of open land, takes just a couple of minutes.

Putting the environment at the heart of your projects

Addressing environmental issues and the low-carbon challenge is a priority for us all.  

The environmental impact of every scenario is automatically measured: energy balance, carbon, soil, sunlight… in order to help you design the best project.

Generate your deliverables in 1 click

For each feasibility study, parking, site plan and section drawings… are directly accessible and ready to be sent to your clients and stakeholders. 

For your comfort, all Buildrz projects can be exported to your 2D and 3D design tools.