Digital Urban Development Plan

Empower Your Community's Growth

Gain Control

over the specific land areas you intend to open up for densification

Facilitate Negotiations

for permits with a focus on quality, environmental considerations, and housing

Enhance Collaboration

efficiency among departments and various stakeholders



territorial transformations such as neighborhoods, urban forms, property prices, densification, and Zero Artificialization Net (ZAN) objectives.

Steer the Evolution of Your Municipality and Demand Exemplary Projects

An intelligent assistant to support departments in securing optimal outcomes for each site.

Effortlessly Attain Essential Information

  • Attain at-a-glance site analysis (cadastral data, Urban Development Plan details, environmental factors, etc.)
  • Explore and anticipate regulatory shifts
  • Enhance site analysis with sector-specific insights (existing projects, submitted permits, construction methods, etc.)
Transform a 3-day Process into a 10-minute Site Analysis

Swiftly Identify Optimal Parcels for Operator Engagement

  • Pinpoint Zero Artificialization Net (ZAN) Land
  • Track Ongoing Densification Initiatives
  • Enhance Urban Development Plan (PLU) for Optimal Alignment
Streamline Project Workflow, Potentially Saving Up to 1 Day of Time per Project

Structure and formalize your responses through deliverables

  • Download a comprehensive dossier tailored to each study
  • Access plans, sections, regulatory analysis, 3D modeling
  • Switch back to your familiar tools anytime using IFC export
Present the right data and anticipate objections from the initial renderings

An interactive Urban Development Plan at your disposal

  • Evaluate the impact of new regulations on high-risk areas within your municipality
  • Target optimal green spaces and biotope coefficients
  • Ensure that the regulations yield desired outcomes
Master the development of your region with the Digital Urban Development Plan
Guillaume Terraillot
Deputy Director General #Public Authority

Through the collective expertise shared on Buildrz, we can identify the most sustainable and ambitious option for each project.

Yves Dubalen
Architect #Public Authority

The tool enables observation of the impacts of regulatory changes and facilitates streamlined discussions with stakeholders holding diverse interests

Ville de Rosny
Caroline Valdes
Head of Urban Projects #Public Authority

I ensure a response to any inquiry from the elected official by 12:05, regardless of the question raised at 12:03.