For Property Developers

The 360 platform which assist you from prospecting to committee



more high potential sites and design innovative projects


easily with all stakeholders from the early stages of your project


and make the best decisions thanks to datas and AI


your activities, streamline management, and improve your outcomes

Achieve more high quality projects in a demanding context

An assistant to boost you from prospecting to committees, lightening your workload and bring more virtuous projects to life

Detect more site than your competitors

  • Use data to identify more high potential sites
  • Apply your own prospecting criteria
  • Contact more property owners, more accurately
Save up to 1 day per prospected city
Prospection foncière

Get all the information you need quickly

  • Review regulatory summaries at a glance
  • Free yourself from regulatory monitoring
  • Test and anticipate rule changes
Avoid up to 10 versions of your project by avoiding regulatory oversights.
Analyse réglementaire

Make informed decisions with market datas

  • Retrieve key datas to assess the attractiveness of your area
  • Gain a clear idea of your project’s potential
  • Build a reliable and convincing commercial pitch
Validate the value of a site in less than 1 hour and make your time more efficient
market analysis

Design the most virtuous and profitable project

  • Obtain the best capacity analysis and maximize the value of each site
  • Create capacity analyses that are 100% compliant with the Urban Development Plan
  • Anticipate risks, costs, and project yourself into the heart of the project
Outpace competitors by producing a full project analysis in less than 30 minutes.

Support your arguments with qualitative informations

  • Be a pioneer in design
  • Highlight the qualities of your project with environmental metrics
  • Adapt each project to its urban challenges
Share the right information and increase by 50% the projects that reach the Engagement Committee

Empower your teams to design the best project

  • Enhance site sourcing thanks to market monitoring
  • Modify, comment, validate and support project success
  • Co-create quality sales pitch with accurate datas
Save 8 days per month for each team member in project management.

Efficiently manage teams with reporting

  • Set and share prospecting objectives
  • Track goal achievement through reporting
  • Allocate opportunities to developers and optimize their productivity
Manage twice as many projects and keep the control.

Structure decision-making in the Engagement Committee with deliverables

  • Make the right decisions thanks to datas
  • Download the full project summary in 1 click
  • Quickly highlight project weaknesses and strengths
Empower your decision-making with data

Manage internal and external collaboration

  • Ensure data and assumption reliability by sharing projects with the right stakeholders
  • Co-design the project with your architect in a single tool
  • Track changes and make your project progress
80% less back and forth email for each project.

Expand your field of action

  • Empower your teams and cover more territories
  • Quickly identify priority and high-potential cities
  • Build stronger connections with architects and local authorities
Prospect up to 4 times more cities with the same amount of time.
Frantz-Edouard de Penguilly
CEO #Property Developer

Buildrz is the best tool I have used to date. The AI-generated feasibility study is a significant advantage for any developer.

Sebastien Van Moere
Sébastien Van Moere
CEO #Property Developer

A rapid and comprehensive analysis of site constructability that aids in optimizing our interactions with property owners and public institutions.

Clément Ferrao
Development Director #Property Developer

Buildrz empowers us to engage in tangible discussions with our management and property owners. We possess a visual representation and a comprehensive market and site analysis, enabling us to immerse ourselves in the heart of the project.

Maxime Dumant
Development Officer #Property Developer

Buildrz enables sourcing of additional sites, leading to enhanced opportunity management through consolidation of all information within a single tool

Théo Charrade
RSE & Innovation Department #Property Developer

The capacity studies generated within just 5 minutes closely match what an architect could produce over several days.

Manuel Silva
Manuel Silva
Development Director #Property Developer

Buildrz delivers a level of precision in project design that not only enhances project reliability but also lends credibility to our proposals when engaging with property owners.