Real Estate Prospecting Letter : 5 tips to stand out

prospecting letter

Direct mail campaigns to property owners are a common marketing approach for developers and real estate agents. This type of contact is sometimes preferred over door-to-door or phone calls because it allows reaching a large volume of prospects in a short amount of time. Consequently, landowners may receive dozens of letters from real estate professionals. 

Discover our 5 best tips to make your real estate prospecting letter stand out : 

1- Eye-catching hook

Landowners receive many solicitation letters, so standing out and capturing their attention is crucial but increasingly challenging. Your reader will only spend a few seconds on your letter, quickly identifying the purpose of your request. To avoid rejection, be original from the start. Stimulate your prospects’ interest with an approach that reflects your company’s values and mission. A well-designed and well-written letter is also an excellent way to stand out.

2- Personalized content

Impersonal letters received in a small white envelope with the title “To the attention of the residents” are no longer effective. Pre-filled templates offered by industry software are widely used by many developers because of time constraints. To truly catch the landowner’s attention, it is recommended to personalize your argument even more. Using digital tools such as our Buildrz app can help you create a personalized project profile. The goal is to offer each property owner a preview of the possibilities while emphasizing transparency, without revealing too much information about the project. Provide approximate numerical information on sales prices in their area, describe your project’s vision, highlighting its interest for the community and its compliance with environmental standards. Also, show interest in the landowner’s life plan, not just your own interests. The first impression you give is crucial. Offer the reader the opportunity to glimpse a real partnership and quality human interaction before any financial transaction.

3- Aesthetics and quality

Investing in quality print communication is essential to increase your letter’s reading rate and, above all, your return rate. Work on the letter’s aesthetic aspect, as many developers send personalized but low-quality letters. An original form, thicker paper, or even a colored envelope can make a difference in the mass of advertising mail received. You will project a professional and serious image, much more in line with the amounts at stake in real estate transactions.

4- Humanize your real estate prospecting letter 

One of the best ways to stand out from competitors is to humanize your commercial prospecting. For example, add a photo so that the reader can immediately identify the person who is soliciting them. You can also write in the first person (if it fits the size of your structure). A prospect is more willing to take action when dealing with a “human” rather than a faceless logo. A real estate transaction often originates from a relationship of trust built over exchanges with property owners. Humanizing the first contact with a prospect facilitates the creation of this bond.

5- Follow up

A real estate prospecting letter can open the door to potential leads, but following up is essential to maintaining interest and building relationships. For example, a personalized follow-up email or a phone call can create a positive impact on the prospect’s memory of your letter.